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Trim cat nails

Trimming your Cat’s nails without a fight.

28 August 2013

Perhaps the most dreaded activity of any cat owner is trimming the cat’s nails. In fact, some cat owners dislike cutting their cat’s claws so much that they simply avoid the process altogether. After all, cats seem to hate it as much as people do, so why bother? If a cat’s nails grow too long, […]

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lost pet microchip

Find Your Lost Pet, Microchip, GPS, Plan

15 March 2013

Plan now to stop the heartbreak later: Microchip your Pet For many of us, our pets are like our family. So when our dog or cat is lost, we’ll do just about anything to find it. Unfortunately, it takes only a moment to lose track of your pet, and as a result over 10 million […]

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Multi cats feeding

Feeding in Multi-cat homes

14 January 2013

Feeding in Multi-cat homes Multi-sectioned bowls don’t really work. We’ve all seen the videos of kittens or cats pulling bowls from each other with their paws. Even if you had one feeding bowl for each cat they would probably still get territorial and fight over the other cats’ bowls. We have one guy at home […]

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litter box cabinet

Litter Box Cabinet

06 January 2013

Covered Litter Boxes There is nothing worse than the smell of cat litter hitting your nose the instant that you walk into your home. You might try dozens of different options to combat the problem, including changing your cat’s litter or replacing the box. Before you start tearing your hair out or wasting money on […]

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Choosing the Best Cat Litter Type

27 December 2012

Choosing the Best Cat Litter Type Owning a cat is a major responsibility. Unlike dogs, which use pads around your house and use the bathroom outside, cats use a litter box. Your cat is a finicky creature that requires a clean box. Some cats will not use if you go longer than one day without […]

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dog cabana

Pet Health During Hot Weather

22 July 2012

Pet Health During Hot Weather is something every Pet owner needs to pay close attention to. Summer is a fun time of year, and it is great to spend time outdoors with your Pet. For four-footed friends, however, hot weather can be extremely dangerous. It is important to avoid overheating and dehydration. A big danger […]

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Dog Life Vest Jackets save lives

06 December 2011

Dog life jackets and vests save lives Life jackets are required for people who are boating, but what about your canine companion? Dogs often accompany their owners to the lake, river and beach for recreational outings. The family pet is at the same risk that their owners are if there is a boating accident. Many […]

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Dog Ticks Control and Treatment

27 June 2011

Dog Ticks Control and Treatment If you are a dog owner, you should take steps to prevent your pet from getting ticks. Ticks or tick pests can be hazardous to your pet’s health. Ticks carry over a dozen diseases that they can pass to a dog. Ticks or tick pests could transmit Lyme disease to […]

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Dog teeth cleaning and Dog bad breath

13 April 2011

Your dog’s dental care is a very important part of keeping your pet happy and healthy. The average cost of a professional cleaning is between $50-$500 depending on the size of your pet, condition of their teeth, and if there are any major concerns like gingivitis, cavities, etc. You can help lower the cost of […]

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Horse Medical Insurance

01 January 2011

For many horse and pony owners, any type of equine medical issue or surgery can result in massive costs. It can be extremely difficult to pay for horse veterinary bills, particularly where major illnesses or conditions are concerned, and unfortunately, some horse owners aren’t able to afford procedures and medications that would ensure good pet […]

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