Choosing the Best Cat Litter Type

Choosing the Best Cat Litter Typescoopable cat litter Owning a cat is a major responsibility. Unlike dogs, which use pads around your house and use the bathroom outside, cats use a litter box. Your cat is a finicky creature that requires a clean box. Some cats will not use if you go longer than one day without cleaning it, while others will use one for days before you need to clean it. Before you grab a bag of litter at random, you should know more about the different types available.

The most common type of cat litter is clumping clay litter. When your cat uses the restroom, the litter reacts to the liquid and forms large clumps. It’s easier to clean this type of litter because the litter clings to feces and urine. It is also known as scoopable litter because you can remove the clumps with a litter scoop. This type of litter is available in scented and unscented varieties.

The other main type of litter is the non-scoopable litter, also known as regular litter or clay litter. Many pet owners choose this type because it’s much less expensive than the scooping variety. The litter has larger and thicker granules than the scoopable variety, but it doesn’t cling to the feces and urine. When you use this type of litter, you need to change your cat’s box frequently because urine soaks straight through to the bottom of the container.

Newer forms of cat litter are now available, including those that use biodegradable materials. Manufacturers use recyclable products such as paper or wood instead of clay pellets. The biggest advantage to this type of litter is that you can often dispose of it by flushing the litter down your toilet. Not all cats prefer this type of litter though, so you might want to test it with your cat before making the switch.

Silica pellets are yet another type of litter. Instead of cleaning the container every day, you can simply stir the pellets once a day. The pellets slowly absorb urine and feces, absorbing the scent and keeping the smell from reaching your home. Once the pellets absorb as much as possible, the litter changes colors, letting you know that it’s time to replace the pellets.

If you find that frequent trips to the store for cat litter is a hassle, consider working with a litter delivery company. The delivery company can bring the litter of your choice directly to your home. You never need to worry about running out of litter and upsetting your cat because the company makes deliveries based on your schedule.

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