Dog Life Vest Jackets save lives

Dog Life Vest Jackets save lives

Dog life Vest jackets

Life jackets are required for people who are boating, but what about your canine companion? Dog Life Vest Jackets save lives. Dogs often accompany their owners to the lake, river and beach for recreational outings. The family pet is at the same risk that their owners are if there is a boating accident.

Many people don’t think about a life jacket for their pet. After all dogs can swim, right? Dogs can and will swim, but a pet flotation device can prevent drowning if the animal gets out of their depth or if they have received an injury which prevents them from swimming. A well-designed flotation device can also make rescue easier.

Dog life vest: Sizes and Styles

Life jackets are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. It is easy to find jackets to fit smaller pets such as Chihuahuas and Dachshunds as well as larger animals such as Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. The flotation devices are similar to a full body harness and come with Velcro or buckles to ensure a proper fit and that the life vest remains secure when your pet runs or swims. Most jackets have reflectors and a handle on the back to make it easier to find and secure the animal in a rescue situation.

Dog Life Vest Jackets: Price and Features

Pet flotation devices range in price from $15 – 100. Prices vary based on the size of the dog, the quality of the life jacket as well as the number of extra features. Extra or special features may include cargo pockets or specialty print fabrics.

Dog Life Vest Jackets: Getting the Right Fit

Shopping for canine flotation devices has become easier as more people become aware of the importance of protecting their pets around the water. They can be purchased at specialty pet stores, sportsman stores and on-line. Whenever possible, it is recommended that the dog be present when purchasing the life jacket to guarantee a proper fit. The jacket should fit securely, with no gaps that would allow the dog to slip out. Jackets which are too tight can rub, causing sores.

Dog Life Vest Jackets: Outfitting Your Pet

Once a flotation device has been selected, it is important that the animal be allowed to become accustomed to wearing it before the first boating trip. Begin by fitting the dog with the life vest and letting them wear it in the house for twenty to thirty minutes. Once the animal accepts the jacket, take them outside in the harness and play with them, letting them begin to understand that the life vest is directly connected to having fun. Most animals will quickly adjust to wearing a canine life jacket and will be ready for boating in no time!

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