Dog Ticks Control and Treatment

Dog Ticks Control and Treatment

If you are a dog owner, you should take steps to prevent your pet from getting ticks. Ticks or tick pests can be hazardous to your pet’s health. Ticks carry over a dozen diseases that they can pass to a dog. Ticks or tick pests could transmit Lyme disease to your pet, which is an especially dangerous condition. This disease can cause heart failure and even death. Most canine owners consider their pet to be part of their family. Like any family member, your pet needs proper care in order to remain happy and healthy. Doing your best to keep ticks away from your pet can help them avoid diseases that could shorten their life and cause them unnecessary suffering. If you follow these tips, you will be able to protect your pet from dangerous and even deadly ticks.

Prevent Ticks Or Tick Pests With Medication

The best way to prevent ticks is to treat your pet with a monthly medication formulated to kill heart worms, fleas, and ticks. You can purchase flea and tick medication from most major pet stores, your veterinarian’s office, and pet pharmacies online. Buying flea and tick medication online is one of the cheapest ways to get this helpful monthly treatment. Make sure you purchase a medication that is appropriate for your individual pet. Usually, small pets are given a different amount of medication than larger animals.

Check Your Pet For Ticks

You should check your pet for ticks and fleas regularly during the summer months, especially if you take your dog on a walk through a heavily wooded area. Ticks are common in areas with dense foliage. Groom your family pet and make sure no fleas are attached to its skin. If you do find a flea, remove the pest carefully, and closely monitor your dog for signs of illness.

Clean Up Your Yard

Regular lawn maintenance can keep ticks from infesting your personal property and coming into contact with your family pet. Because ticks can hide in dense foliage and tall grass, make sure that your lawn is properly maintained. Keep your grass cut short, and keep all shrubs and bushes trimmed back. This can discourage tick populations from residing in the area. There are also chemical and natural treatments that you can spread throughout your property that will prevent or kill ticks.

Watch For Symptoms Of Illness

If your canine ever starts acting strange or lethargic, make sure you seek veterinarian assistance for your pet right away. If your family pet has caught one of the diseases carried by ticks or tick pests, you will want to get treatment for their condition immediately. There are treatments that can help your pet recover, but these treatments are most effective if the disease is caught early.

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