Multi Cat Feeding

Multi Cat Feeding

Multi Cat Feeding


Feeding in Multi Cat homes

Multi-sectioned bowls don’t really work. We’ve all seen the videos of kittens or cats pulling bowls from each other with their paws.

Even if you had one feeding bowl for each cat they would probably still get territorial and fight over the other cats’ bowls. We have one guy at home that follows the others from bowl to bowl and head butts them out of the bowl. Sometimes we put him in the bathroom while the others eat.

If you don’t have too many cats you can try putting bowls around the house so they can keep out of each others’ way. You can also use baby door blockers to keep the cats separated in different rooms while feeding them.

Multi Cat Feeding-dry vs soft food

We keep dry food out most of the time but since cats need soft moist food too that’s when the fun begins. Just hearing the can touch the counter brings them running. We tried a lot of things to get everyone a share of the soft food. We finally just put down 4 or 5 paper plates with a few spoons on each plate. That way they all get at least a few bites.

Feeding multiple cats in the same home can be a challenge but with a little extra effort you can keep them all happy and the boxing matches to a minimum.

Feel free to share in the comments your multi cat feeding tips and funny stories…


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