Horse Medical Insurance

For many horse and pony owners, any type of equine medical issue or surgery can result in massive costs. It can be extremely difficult to pay for horse veterinary bills, particularly where major illnesses or conditions are concerned, and unfortunately, some horse owners aren’t able to afford procedures and medications that would ensure good pet health.

Equine medical insurance is an affordable solution for all equine enthusiasts looking to plan for the costs of horse and pony care. An equine medical insurance policy can cover all aspects of veterinary care, including expensive surgery costs, postoperative care, veterinary visits, and medications. Individual plans can be tailored to a horse owner’s specific needs. Equine medical insurance is both affordable and controllable, with numerous add-on coverages that equine owners can use to protect themselves from loss of use of an animal or major emergency medical bills.

The annual premiums of an equine medical insurance policy are based on the value of the horse, which is determined when the policy is purchased. In nearly every case, equine medical insurance is very affordable, often costing less than $20 a month. Co-payments on equine medical insurance are similarly inexpensive.

As such, equine medical insurance is an important purchase for any horse owner. It provides financial protection that can make a big difference during both major and minor medical issues for all types of horses and ponies.

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