Keeping Pets Warm in the Winter

What do you do to keep your pet warm in the winter? Outside pets and strays need to most help for sure but indoor pets sometimes need help too. Here’s my ideas for keeping pets Warm in the winter.

For example when we built a new house and bought new furniture some of the more “naughty” kitties now live in the garage. Its heated and I have a big carpet in the middle (we don’t park in there) but its still 25 degrees colder than in the main house.

I started with boxes with shirts inside but I could tell they were still cold.

I bought the half tent style pillow thingy’s but they just sit on top of them, not inside. I need to makae some type of frame to keep them open.

I have some round laundry baskets with tee shirts stretched over them. they’re not too bad but not their favorites.

I saw a picture of a plastic tub storage box with a hole cut in the side for use for outdoor animals. its waterproof unless its very windy and you put a box inside with a shirt or something and can put insulation between the two. Looks like a great solution.

If you have any good tips for keeping pets warm in the winter, drop me a note and I’ll add it to the story.

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