Litter Box Cabinet

Litter Box Cabinet

Covered Litter Boxes

There is nothing worse than the smell of cat litter hitting your nose the instant that you walk into your home. You might try dozens of different options to combat the problem, including changing your cat’s litter or replacing the box. Before you start tearing your hair out or wasting money on possible solutions, try swapping out your existing cat litter box for a box with a cover.

Cats are private creatures that prefer a dark place to do their business. If you keep your litter box near the front door or in the middle of your living room, you shouldn’t be surprised if Fluffy starts using the bathroom behind doors or under your bed. A covered litter box gives your cat a little privacy and can prevent your cat from using the bathroom on the floor.

Some people claim that cats are high maintenance animals, but as long as you have a clean litter box, caring for your pet is easy. You don’t even need to worry about keeping the litter box on display in your home because some of the newest models look more like furniture than a litter box. You can find pieces made from wood, litter boxes that resemble potted plants and even boxes that have play areas for your cat.

Cabinet litter boxes are a great choice for those who want to showcase the décor of their home without a litter box ruining the look. These boxes look just like a storage cabinet, but the cabinet has a small hole on the end, which lets the cat gain access to the box. Many of the boxes have a top or side that lifts up for cleaning and scooping the litter, and some designs have a removable tray for faster cleaning.

You might prefer a cat litter box that is a little simpler. Some boxes look more like a traditional litter box, but the design features a plastic or wood cover that blocks the box. The top serves as a bed for cats that like sleeping or napping, and some designs have a small ledge around the sides that keep the cat from sliding off the top.

Litter boxes also come in other furniture designs, including those that look like ordinary houseplants. The bottom vase keeps the litter box hidden, while the top displays an artificial plant with lush leaves and vibrant shades of green. The plastic plant will hold up well to playful cats that like nibbling on the leaves, while adding a touch of greenery to your home. All of these boxes help block the scent of your cat’s bathroom habits without detracting from the design of your home.

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